Retail Service Company offers an extensive range of 2-line pricing guns. There are numerous advantages to purchasing a 2-line pricing label over a 1-line model. The main reasons for purchasing a 2-line pricing label over a 1-line model include the ability to highlight price comparisons, provide additional information and feature store or company information. 2 Line pricing guns enable more data to be marked on the label including lot numbers, expiration date, pack date, department, regular price, sale price and much more. Also, similar to 1 line price guns, the retailer can feature their company name or brand as part of the 2-line label. There are endless combinations of information to suit the retailer.

At Retail Service Company, we pride ourselves at being the one-stop shop for all your retail service needs. Please do not hesitate to Contact Retail Service Company with any 2-line price gun questions you may have.