Retail Service Company supplies a wide variety of accessories for clothes hangers to keep your business running efficiently while maintaining clean and organized storage and retails spaces. Our size markers allow you to clearly label your product, making it easy for the customer to find what they are looking for. Hanger covers and hanger pad strips will ensure that your product looks crisp and won’t slip from the hanger, causing your item to get dirty or wrinkles. Utilize all of your wall space with a hanger retriever, which will allow you to display products in hard to reach places. We also offer a variety of sock hangers, piggy back connectors, and folding boards for those hard to hang items.
We pride ourselves at being the one-stop shop for all of your retail service needs. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us with any questions concerning our catalog of accessories. You can also reach us by phone at (866) 388-4059.

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