Price Guns & Price Labels

Retail Service Company markets and supports the leading retail price guns and price labels from Monarch-Avery Dennison, Meto, and Towa. We offer a number of different types of pricing guns: 1 line, 2-line, and 3-line price guns, and price labels: one, two, and three line labels. Depending on the pricing problem you are looking to fix, Retail Service Company is sure to stock the ideal gun or label. Pricing guns and labelers are the perfect solution for your essential retail or wholesale service pricing needs. Price guns have proven to be a powerful and economical solution for nearly every type of retailer by saving time, money and effectively grabbing a consumer’s attention. Need more pricing capability or your pricing gun is worn out? Ask about our generous trade-in program.

Here at, Retail Service Company, we are always willing and available to assist you with any of your retail service questions: be it product, product category, shipment method, transaction, or anything else that you may want to inquire about. Please feel free to Contact Us with any of your questions.