Shoplift Prevention

Situating themselves as a one-stop online merchant, Retail Service Co. is constantly broadening their brand width by offering more products, as well as continually diversifying the number of distinct product SKUs. They expand their product lines with the desire to help retailers better manage shrinkage rates and prevent item losses. Retail Service Company sells security labels and tags for both RF and AM store security systems. Available in a number of different styles and formats, these labels and tags can be used for clothing, gifts, recreational items, books, and magazines to name a few.

Retail Service Co. provides these items to offer retailers a relatively inexpensive method to help reduce both customer and employee theft and loss. The solution options offered work well for budget, as well as high-end merchandise. Our EAS Systems, one or two antenna, for example, provides the highest level of security protection; as a highly visible system, the EAS systems will provide an effective deterrent against theft.

The security items offered by Retail Service Co. will absolutely pay for themselves. If implemented, and integrated correctly into your retail store, the retailer is sure to see a dramatic decrease in the instances of shoplifting.