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Pricing Guns

Revolutionize your retail game with our versatile Pricing Gun! Effortlessly label prices, dates, and codes precisely using our 1-line, 2-line, or 3-line options. Elevate efficiency and accuracy for inventory and discounts. Optimize your pricing tactics now!

Pricing Gun Labels

Say farewell to messy tags and hello to crisp, professional labels. Need simplicity? Try our 1-line price gun labels. Seeking maximum information? The 3-line price gun labels have got you covered. Elevate your labeling experience today!

Tagging Supplies

Revamp your tagging game with our premium Tagging Supplies! Our tagging gun, paired with durable tagging gun needles and tag fasteners, offers a seamless tagging experience for all your retail needs. Say hello to effortless merchandising with our reliable tagging supplies. Upgrade your retail operation today!

Tailored Solutions for Your Retail

For more than half a century, Retail Service Company has been the go-to hub for retailers and wholesalers across the United States, catering to their store supply needs. We acknowledge that every detail matters when it comes to running a successful retail operation, which is why we offer an extensive range of products to support your business.
Our elaborate catalog features a wide array of products designed to streamline your operations and enhance your customer experience. Whether you’re looking for label guns to efficiently price your merchandise with 1-line, 2-line, or 3-line options, tagging guns and tags to organize your inventory, or hangers and related supplies to keep your store neat and organized, we’ve got you covered.

Safety Cutters & Supplies

Keep your workplace safe with our premier Safety Cutters and accessories! Designed to prevent accidents while ensuring efficient cutting, our safety box cutter is a must-have for warehouses and offices alike. Protect your team now!

Clothes Hangers & Supplies

Transform your wardrobe into a stylish haven with Clothes Hangers & Accessories. Keep garments organized and wrinkle-free with our durable clothes hangers. Also explore our range of hanger accessories to add flair and functionality to your wardrobe.

Receipt Papers

Transform your wardrobe into a stylish haven with Clothes Hangers & Accessories. Keep garments organized and wrinkle-free with our durable clothes hangers. Also explore our range of hanger accessories to add flair and functionality to your wardrobe. Elevate your storage solutions and showcase your fashion sense with ease.

Explore our Specialized Offering

But that’s not all – our commitment to meeting your unique needs extends beyond our standard offerings. If you require specialized items such as plant tags for your horticultural business or horticultural printer ribbons for your horticultural printing needs, we are here to assist you.
Our dedicated team is just a call away at 1-800-548-4028, ready to assist you in finding the perfect solutions for your retail needs. Our exclusive brand partners include Meto, Garvey, Monarch and Avery. Join thousands of satisfied customers who trust Retail Service Company as their one-stop shop for all things retail. Experience the difference today!

Horticulture Printers, Labels & Tags

Horticulture Printers, Labels, and Tags are designed to meet the unique requirements of your garden or nursery. From robust plant tags to versatile wrap-around tags, our products ensure easy plant identification. Take your horticultural endeavors to the next level with our reliable tools.


For the past decade we have relied on Labeling Solutions to help improve our day-to-day manufacturing and research operations. They are a knowledgeable and trusted resource for barcode equipment and supplies required to increase our efficiency and accuracy.
Pet Healthcare Diagnostic Equipment Manufacturer
Labeling Solutions has been our reliable go-to resource for barcode printer, label and enterprise based labeling software for more than 10 years. Our significant expansion in the past few years across many locations would not have been as successful without Labeling Solutions expertise and solutions.
Live and Processed Lobster Supplier
Labeling Solutions has been our chief barcode printer and label supplier across many divisions for as long as anyone can remember. Their knowledgeable and friendly sales team, combined with competitive pricing are greatly appreciated and have provided a foundation to support our growth.
Snow Management Equipment Manufacturer