In the world of horticulture, labeling isn't just a task; it's an art – and our horticulture label printers are your canvas!

Step into the world of horticultural excellence at Retail Service Company, where we bring you top-tier label solutions for the horticultural industry. With nearly five decades of trusted service, we are the leading provider of horticultural label printers in the United States and Canada. Our customers rely on our expertise to print waterproof labels, plant tags, and wrap-around tags for marking their plant and accessory inventory year-round.

Our horticultural printers come in both Desktop and Industrial printer types, offering you the flexibility you need to meet your specific labeling requirements. These are available in a range of printer software options, including Basic or Pro Software, Standalone to Standalone & Basic Software, and Standalone & Pro Software, ensuring that you have access to the right tools for your labeling tasks.
Whether you have a nursery or garden...center, or are a horticultural enthusiast, our plant label printers are designed to meet your needs. You can trust Retail Service Company for all your nursery label printer needs. Explore our solutions today and elevate your horticultural labeling game .
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