Wrap Around Tags, labeling your botanical treasures becomes a breeze.

Retail Service Co. is proud to offer an extensive collection of wrap-around tags designed to meet the diverse needs of gardeners, landscapers, and horticultural enthusiasts alike. Whether you are labeling delicate herbs in your backyard garden or organizing rows of vibrant blooms at a bustling nursery, our wrap-around tags are your reliable companions.

Crafted with durability and functionality in mind, our wrap-around plant tags provide a seamless solution for labeling plants of all shapes and sizes. These tags snugly encircle stems or branches, ensuring clear visibility without obstructing growth. With options viable for both indoor and outdoor use, our tags withstand the elements, maintaining readability even in harsh weather conditions.

Gardeners appreciate the convenience and versatility of our wrap-around tags, which streamline the labeling process and enhance plant identification efforts. Our selection includes various sizes, colors, and designs to accommodate diverse preferences and requirements.

Partnering with our leading horticultural printers, we guarantee crisp, long-lasting printing that withstands exposure to sunlight, moisture, and soil. Say goodbye to faded labels and hello to enduring clarity with our premium wrap-around plant tags.

Browse our catalog to discover the perfect wrap-around tags for your gardening requirements. Experience the convenience, durability, and efficiency our wrap-around tags bring to every botanical project.

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