Advanced Traceability Solutions and ScoringAg, Inc. announce the availability of the GPS Printer, the first solution to comprehensively and affordably provide authentic item-level, case-level and bulk-bin harvest site-specific traceback.

S. Portland, ME and Bradenton, FL. – Advanced Traceability Solutions and ScoringAg, Inc. announce the availability of the GPS Printer Solution that provides item, case and bin level food traceback when harvesting of all types of foods – fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, and shellfish.

The GPS Printer Solution, designed for site-specific label generation, is comprised of:

  1. Ruggedized PDA with high accuracy GPS functionality
  2. Secure label design and printing software with multi-lingual support
  3. Mobile thermal printer for in field labeling and tagging
  4. ScoringAg database for records and real time traceback verification
  5. Durable labels and tags with unique traceback and serialized codes

The GPS Printer is the first to print durable labels and tags on-demand with comprehensive information including GPS location, date and time, operator id, food commodity type, 1D and 2D barcodes and other key information that is mandatory for end to end traceback, which begins at the harvest location and concludes at the consumer’s table.

Regarding the release of this new product, President of Advanced Traceability Solutions., Donald Tomkinson explains that to enable increased traceability, another key advantage of the GPS Printer Solution is that “labels are designed adhere to all types of containers made of nearly any material and stored in a wide variety of environmental conditions including in wet, dry, high temp and freezer conditions common to farming and fishing.”

William Kanitz, President of ScoringAg, Inc. explains that the “GPS printer is mobile, easy to use, accurate, authentic, light weight, and affordable for use in the field for labeling all types of food products”.

Further, the GPS Printer provides:

  • Multi-lingual support including English, Spanish and French
  • Printed labels that stick to virtually any bag, box or crate comprised of plastic, recycled plastic, cardboard, waxed cardboard or wood
  • Extensive archiving of all printed labels and tags
  • Records can be easily downloaded for verification and extensive analysis

The label or tag produced by the GPS Printer contains a unique code such as SSI_EID traceback code that allows the traceback and trace-up of any food commodity from end to end, while recording every constituent who was involved and a corresponding date and time stamp. In the event a contamination incident occurs, the GPS Printer Solution, working in conjunction with ScoringAg’s web based traceback solution, facilitates quick isolation of lots and locations leading to a rapid and comprehensive response. As a result, risk is reduced and losses are minimized.

Available for about $2000, the GPS Printing Solution including PDA with GPS and thermal transfer printer is, as Tomkinson explains, a key solution for “harvest to plate” and “field to fork” traceability. The GPS Printing Solution features extensive logs that can be easily downloaded into ScoringAg and Excel for a variety of analyses such as yields by very specific GPS location and for input into crop management systems such as ScoringAg’s Site-Specific Recordkeeping™ suite.

The GPS Printer is the key addition to the Advanced Traceability Solution Suite for comprehensive harvest to plate traceback. The Suite includes:

  • Thermal Printers: a variety of printers to meet every requirement, such as GPS printers, standalone printers, and high output printers that all print durable labels required in the food industry
  • Label Design and Print Software: Application specific software that provides link between PDA’s, mobile computers and bar code scanners with a variety of printers
  • PDAs: Purpose oriented PDAs that provide the mobility demanded by harvesting personnel
  • Barcode Scanners and Mobile Computers: mobile equipment to read barcodes and input information to the ScoringAg Traceback database
  • Labels and Tags: information includes unique codes such as SSI-EID code, PIDC code or PO release, Julian Date, Lot Number, Military or standard Time, PLU or commodity code, Company Name, Country and State of Origin, Harvest Crew ID, and Certification Company.
  • ScoringAg’s Traceback Database: comprehensive web based full up and full down traceback and records of all field packed, harvested crops, or fish from fishing sites.

Advanced Traceability Solutions, located in S. Portland, ME, is a provider of innovative traceability solutions comprised of special purposed PDAs, mobile computers, barcode printers, labels and tags, and label design software. More information can be found at their website,

ScoringAg, Inc., located in Bradenton, FL, is the provider of the only web based traceability solution that tracks site-specific information with real-time records for Locations, Animals, Commodities, Produce, Ingredients, Containers, and Food Processing Machinery. More on Scoring Systems can be found at their website,

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