At Labeling Solutions, we offer a full spectrum of desktop, industrial, and mobile label printers, and a diverse an array of labels and tags to suit almost any industry. Our industrial thermal transfer labels are one of the most popular options for our larger scale label printing customers in many different sectors.

Garden Labeling
Our synthetic thermal transfer labels are durable and long lasting, making them an ideal option for garden center printers. Customers count on Labeling Solutions’ for labeling their plants, shrubs, trees and garden accessories. More often than not these items are exposed to the elements and extreme temperatures, but our garden center labels and tags endure!

Wood Labeling
Tagging lumber and wood products requires the utmost in weather resistance and durability in a label. Labeling Solutions offers Industrial Thermal Transfer Labels in a range of sizes to fit any of the printers used at our customers in the wood and lumber products industry.

Apparel Labeling
Apparel of every shape and size needs labeling you can depend on, and with our thermal label printers geared towards the retail industry, our customers can count on clearly printed, durable labeling options. The varied size options are most helpful in this industry, where the items that require tagging range from delicate under apparel to heavy duty apparel.

Seafood Labeling
For businesses that rely on their labels to stick even in moist or even wet work environments, Labeling Solutions offer a wide variety of thermal printer and label choices that meet any budget.

Call the experts at Labeling Solutions no matter what your business. We guarantee we can help you towards the best label printing system and software that will save you time and therefore money! Speak with an experienced Label expert today at 1-866-388-4059.

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