Pre Printed Price Gun Labels

Pre-printed Price Gun Labels for Businesses: Why Do You Need Them?

The Retail Business is a cut-throat competitive space where efficiency and clarity are of utmost importance. Every detail, even the tiniest price tag, significantly affects the business’s success. This is where the magic of pre-printed price gun labels comes into play. These pre-printed labels are a tiny yet mighty tool, helping streamline the solution for businesses by accurately displaying the pricing information on their products. Whether you are a small business or a supermarket, the importance of these labels is irreplaceable. In this blog, we’ll delve into the significance of pre-printed price gun labels, exploring what they are and why your business needs them.

What are Pre-Printed Price Gun Labels?

Pre-printed price gun labels are adhesive labels utilized in combination with price guns to display pre-printed information such as company name, logo, department (deli, jewelry, sports, etc.), or any information that the retailer believes will assist the customer and the retailer. These pre-printed labels can be quickly loaded onto the pricing guns, thus allowing retailers to label their products easily and efficiently. It comes in various formats ranging from 1-line, 2-line, and 3-line options, depending on the amount of information needed to be displayed.

  • 1-line price gun label:

These labels are the best choice when you are required to display just the price of the item. 1 line price gun labels are suitable for businesses looking out for simplicity and speed.

  • 2-line price gun label:

Looking out for increased versatility and customization options? Go with 2-line price gun labels options as these accommodate space for both price and additional information like product code or sale details.

  • 3-line price gun label:

Need more space to display comprehensive information such as product prices, descriptions, and discounts? Don’t wonder; choose a 3-line price gun labels to satisfy your retail need.

Advantages of Using Pre-Printed Price Gun Labels for Your Business

Now that you have a basic understanding of pre-printed price gun labels, let’s dive deeper and explore why your business needs one:

  • Efficiency:

Time is money in the retail business, and these pre-printed price gun labels offer a swift and efficient solution for pricing your products. The ability to quickly label products leaves retailers with ample amount of time to focus on other aspects of their business, such as customer satisfaction and inventory management.
  • Accuracy:

Using generic labels and manual pricing can lead to human errors and confusion. Pre-printed price gun labels help combat this issue by ensuring accuracy in pricing, reducing the chances of mistakes, and the need for manual correction.
  • Professionalism:

First impressions matter in retail. Neatly labeled merchandise reflects professionalism and attention to detail, enhancing the overall appearance of your store. Pre-printed gun labels make sure you have that consistency in presentation, reinforcing your brand image and inculcating confidence in customers.
Pre Printed Gun Labels
  • Customization:

With the leverage of having various label formats, businesses can customize their labels depending on their specific needs. Whether it’s about highlighting product sale prices, displaying product codes, or including branding elements, pre-printed price gun labels offer flexibility and versatility.
  • Promotion:

Pre-printed gun labels can serve a multitude of purposes other than just displaying prices; these can be utilized for promotional purposes. Whether it’s about featuring your business logo or showcasing discounted prices, special offers, or new arrivals, these labels serve as valuable marketing tools, ultimately driving sales and increasing customer engagement.
  • Cost-effective:

Investing in pre-printed price gun labels may initially seem like a huge business expense, but in the longer run, they prove to be cost-effective. By reducing the time and labor required for pricing tasks, these labels ultimately contribute to operational efficiency and profitability. Additionally, bulk purchasing options offer further savings for retailers.


In conclusion, pre-printed price gun labels are critical assets for businesses seeking to streamline their pricing processes, enhance accuracy, and elevate their overall presentation. From small-scale operations to large retail chains, the advantages of using these price gun labels are undeniable. So, if you wish to take your business to the next level, consider investing in pre-printed price gun labels from Retail Service Co. – your partner in retail solutions. With our extensive experience and determination to customer satisfaction, we’re here to help you streamline your pricing processes and take your business to new heights.

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